At Sam’s Craft Iron, we’ve been helping Edmonton and area customers with their metal working needs for over 30 years. One of our most popular services is our structural steel work. As many in the industrial and construction sectors will know, steel offers several benefits over other materials. To help you understand why steel structural are so high in demand, as well as a worthy investment, we’ve compiled a list of advantages below.

Built to Last

Steel structures are incredibly durable, standing up to high winds, heavy snow, fire, rain, and seismic activities. In other words, steel is able of handling the toughest of conditions without sustaining damage that could comprise the integrity of your product. For customers based in areas with volatile climates, the ability to withstand difficult environmental factors is a significant benefit.


Another notable advantage of working with steel is the ability for the material to be adapted and adjusted as needed. Steel is easy to repurpose and change to fulfill new needs as they develop, reducing your long-term spend and helping you in the present.

Environmentally Friendly

A lesser known perk of working with steel is its ability to be recycled. Steel can be reused multiple times without reducing the durability of the product. The recycling and construction process has relatively low environmental impact, making it an ideal for choice for eco-conscious businesses and a job sites.

Light and Easy to Transport

A favourable feature of steel is the fact that steel weighs considerably less than wood or other materials that may be used in its place. Lighter weight means easier transport to and placement on site, reducing your cost for both.

Cost Effective

When you combine the durability, recyclability, and easy transport of steel structures, your overall spend is typically extremely budget-friendly. For businesses looking for sustainable and finance friendly structures, steel is a definite contender.

To learn more about steel structures, along with our customizable option, contact Sam’s Craft today!